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Best Win-Loss Record Whether Fighting for Incumbents or Insurgents.
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806 Fair Oaks Avenue
Oak Park, Illinois 60302-1547
Telephone: (708) 386-1122
Cellular: (312) 391-8808
E-mail: rmeans@richardmeans.com
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Legal Representation for Candidates, Political Organizations, Governmental Entities, Unions, and Business Organizations

(708) 386-1122


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Areas of Expertise

  • Ballot Access
  • Campaign Finance Compliance
  • Recounts and Election Contests
  • Legislative Drafting
  • Political Policy Development
  • Political Campaign Strategy
  • Enforcement of Freedom of Information Act Rights


Over the years, Means has been associated with figures as diverse as Democrat Mayor Harold Washington, reformist Republican State's Atty. Bernard Carey, GOP Gov. Richard Ogilvie and third party presidential contender Ross Perot.

Means also has joined forces with reform groups such as Common Cause and Independent Voters of Illinois-Independent Precinct Organization to successfully prod the state to put lobbyist listings, campaign contribution reports, legislative voting records and debate online. (see full article)

~ Chicago Tribune

For over 50 years I have represented candidates for offices ranging from suburban library board trustee to President of the United States. My services have included:

The services I provide are thorough, careful, without unnecessary "frills", and reasonably priced. Legal services are provided in an ongoing, consultative process. At each stage of representation, I will discuss with you the goals which can legally be achieved, the likelihood of success (including the down-side risks) of particular strategies and the cost of various strategies.

While I am a skilled litigator, my clients typically seek goals that are obtainable in the absence of litigation in order to avoid its cost and the risk of adverse publicity. However, the ability to exercise one's rights often requires litigation to secure them. Sometimes bullies only allow the exercise of an individual's rights when the individual demonstrates both the capacity and the willingness to skillfully demand them. For this very reason, the option to litigate is readily available.

My clients are typically individuals, not-for-profit entities, and units of government. The operations of my firm are unpretentious and with low-overhead which allows wise expenditures of money and effort. These resources are allocated to areas in which results will be produced most efficiently.